A little sleep does wonders.

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Tuesday night AZ time I slept.

Wednesday night AZ time I dozed an hour or so before I got up and began the voyage.

The voyage began 4 AM Thursday AZ time and continued until 8 PM Friday Japan time. Night didn’t fall on me during those 22 hours, and I didn’t sleep.

Then I got lost finding the hotel. Location accuracy on my devices was low and Japanese addresses are a little vague if one doesn’t know the neighborhood. That was an hour or two of walking.

After I found it, I dropped my stuff and took off for my dinner date with an old friend. I managed the subway trains easily (no mean feat), but my phone died while I was on the train and I lost the directions and photos regarding the meeting place. I knew I was on the right street and remembered bits of the images and directions. So I wandered around climbing stairs and searching for clues. That was at least another hour of walking, thankfully without hauling luggage.

(I am VERY glad I decided to pack super light. I’m switching locations every other day and I have to carry everything around almost all the time.)

Shiina-san waited and waited and waited for me, the dear woman. I finally found her, had an incredibly well-crafted cheeseburger, and made my way back to the hotel eventually.

Re-organize all my bags, take a shower, have a soak, nostalgically enjoy a little earthquake, and pass out.

This morning I had to ask people for help along the way, but I also managed to get to the station directly the first time, find the correct platform, and be ahead of time. Sleep does wonders.

A little group of us are riding the train to Hiroshima for a few days of seminars with Yokoyama-san.

I have a friend in Arizona who feels certain she lived her previous life in Japan and passed away in the bombing of Hiroshima. I brought a little offering from her that I will leave there and I’ll find a pretty little rock to bring back for her.

Coming here always feels like coming home to me too. Three places on the planet that feel like home is a true blessing.mistymountainsJapanlulu

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