Bags are packed

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I’m off to Japan tomorrow with a plan to train like mad, have a ball, stay in one functional physical piece, practice my spiritual stuff when I get fussy, blog, work on my novel “Glitchy”, and post the rough draft chapters as I go. Oh, yeah. Prepare for my 4th degree black belt test later this month in Houston. Travel and train with the new sensei, translate for him when we’re in the states again later in October, and try not to giggle too much – we were friends decades before anyone took either of us seriously at all.

Keep the demons at bay – those negative coping strategies I needed for all those years I had the psychic, the writer, and the martial artist bound and gagged in the back of my mind while I took care of other business. Grew out of needing crappy relationships and quit my 26 year teaching career to live like this instead. I don’t need the negative coping strategies any more, but I have the habits. Ex-classroom teacher and empty-nester… I don’t think I’ve ever had so much time to think for myself in my life before. It’s lovely, but I find getting up to help myself tougher than getting up to help others. This is also clearly part of my test.

And because I’m a shameless show pony with novels to sell and a strange lifetime of stories to tell in the middle of a major life change with personal demons on top, I’ve decided to crack it open and spill it here.

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